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Frequently Asked Questions

Get most of the answers to your questions right here.  If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail and we'll be more than happy to answer them.

Where can the moonwalk be set up?
The moonwalk/bounce unit can be set up on any level area whether its grass, concrete or asphalt.  We will not set up on dirt or stone areas.  The area should be clear of all obstacles including sticks, stones, sharp objects, sprinklers, dog poo, etc..  We place a tarp under each unit setup on concrete or asphalt for added protection.   The unit is also staked down or sand bagged down.  Some taller units will not be allowed to be set up on concrete or asphalt if we do not have a secure place to tie them down.

How much room do I need?
Please see our BOUNCE HOUSE SIZE CHART for actual sizes and the functional area required.  No overhead power lines or trees shall touch or interfere with the unit.  They should be located away from pools or waterfronts.  

Can I pick the unit up?
Sorry, for the safety of the participants and to insure a quality functional unit our staff is required to deliver and set up each unit.

What kind of power do we need?

The unit requires a 110V outlet, preferable separate from other items requiring electricity.  the outlet must be located within 75 feet of the unit.  A generator is available for rental if needed.

Does the unit need to stay running the whole time?

Yes.  The unit will begin to deflate as soon as the power is turned off.  We required that you keep the unit power on from delivery to pickup so that the unit does not get damaged.

Is there a delivery charge?

Yes.  There is sometimes a small delivery fee based on the delivery location. 

Is there a deposit required?

We do not require a deposit.  We collect full payment before setting up the unit.

What is your cancellation policy?

We have no cancellation fees - All we ask is that you let us know as soon as possible.

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver within a 20 mile radius of Frisco, TX.  We do travel farther for larger events!

What if it rains or is too windy?

If its raining we can not set up a bounce unit outdoors.  If it's too windy we can not set up a bounce unit.  If weather conditions change after delivery and set-up, there are no refunds.

How do I reserve equipment?

Either on-line or call 972-731-8854 and we will gladly schedule your event. 

How far in advance should I reserve the equipment?

We encourage people to book early which is why we don't have any deposit required or any cancellation fees.  The sooner you call the better.   Since we have no cancellation fee, there is no risk to booking your event as early as possible.  Most equipment during the Spring and Fall season gets booked about 6 to 8 weeks in advance, if not more.

When is the payment due?

Payment in full is due upon delivery.  Cash or checks are accepted at delivery.  Credit card arrangements must be made in advance.

Are Moonwalks/Bounces Safe?

Yes!  Our units are constructed of industry standard vinyl's, fire retardant.  There should be no problems as long as you adhere to the safety instructions that you will receive a copy of upon delivery. 

Do you carry insurance?

Yes, We carry $1M liability and property insurance.  A copy of the insurance can be made available upon request.

What are my responsibilities?

You MUST adhere to the safety rules.  A responsible adult must be present at all times the unit is in use.  This person must understand the safety rules and must enforce them at all times.  You are responsible for keeping the unit clean and safe from damage.

Can you provide an attendant?

No.  Sorry we do not provide an attendants.

Is there a cleaning charge?

No!  We continually clean all of our units on an ongoing basis.  However, if excessive cleaning is required due to guidelines not be adhered to, a cleaning charge of $50 will be required.

Who picks up the equipment when we are done?

Typically the same Jump For Joy staff that delivered the unit will take down and pick up the equipment after your event.